Different Types

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Insurance falls into two categories: life and general. Life insurance doesn't have to cover the policy holder. General insurance, however, is a personal protective measure. Life insurance covers someone's financial security; you usually get life insurance to protect family members or business partners. If you die, life insurance kicks in and the contract will pay a sum of money to those parties. General insurance covers a wide range of topics such as vehicles and other personal property.

Lower My Rates

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You can increase your deductibles to lower your rates. While insurance may be expensive, it isn't too difficult to find ways to lower your rates. The easiest thing you can do is ask your insurer about discounts. For instance, auto companies will lower premiums for certain cars or for traits such as students with good grades, seniors, homeowners, veterans, and so forth. For health insurance, you should try to quit bad habits (smoking), stay healthy, and try group insurance plans.

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What Do I Need?

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You may purchase more or less depending on your needs, but there are many arguments about what constitutes bare necessities. At the very least, I would recommend life, health, and auto insurance. Life will protect and provide for loved ones after you're gone. Health insurance will protect you from some of the most expensive bills. Get auto insurance and don't become a statistic; FARS (a fatality report), said that the U.S. had over ten million traffic accidents in 2009!

Can I Opt Out?

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It would be unwise to forgo insurance. Even if you are employed, not all companies provide benefits these days. You won't go to jail or be charged if you don't have insurance. However, if you are in a car accident, for instance, you can have hefty fines and have to pay for court procedures. If you don't have health insurance, you will be penalized in your taxes. Insurance costs money, but there are other costs if you don't have any.